Our experience runs the full spectrum of the industry, from contract drafting to litigation.

Construction law has been a core practice area since we were founded in 1983.  Attorneys with the firm have represented just about every entity involved in the construction field, including owners, developers, lenders, architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. Our attorneys have written the Arizona Construction Law Book and authored the chapter on construction liens for the Arizona Construction Law Manual.

Our specialty areas within construction law include:

Contract Development
We help our owner, developer, and contractor clients get projects off to a solid, reliable start by carefully drafting and negotiating their design and construction contracts. Our teams draft contracts with purpose to avoid the potential of costly litigation related to warranty issues and defective work in the future.

Our team understands the value of litigation in certain instances, and practices efficient, effective techniques to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Alternative Remedies
There are times when creativity is the best option, and our team routinely relies on its extensive experience to source alternate remedies when they are needed. Some situations may be resolved with a motion to dismiss, while others may call for both parties to negotiate and compromise on a solution to avoid litigation.

Cross-Disciplinary Expertise
Context and related experience can be priceless tools when dealing with construction law issues. From plumbing to HVAC to building codes, our teams have honed valuable expertise in a variety of areas over the years, complementing their industry-specific legal knowledge.

Over the years, our construction law team has earned considerable success negotiating settlements, drafting contracts for large developers, non-profits and homebuilders, and mounting a defense on behalf of general contractors.