Gammage & Burnham has been involved with Cannabis Law in Arizona since elected officials initially drafted medical marijuana legislations and introduced the new industry to the state in 2010. The firm’s experienced team offers guidance, counsel and representation on any number of issues related to the growing, ever-changing local cannabis industry in every city and county across the state.

Operating in the cannabis industry requires legal representation to ensure compliance and navigation of the industry and those who oversee it. Gammage & Burnham’s land use, corporate, administrative law, real estate and litigation attorneys pool their collective expertise to guide clients through the cannabis industry’s intricate regulatory and legal landscape. The firm’s Cannabis Law team is anchored by its experience managing the spectrum in legal issues related to cannabis dispensaries, cultivation and infusion.

Gammage & Burnham can assist stakeholders within the cannabis industry with a number of matters, including:

  • Property due diligence
  • Ordinance review
  • Land use entitlements and text amendments
  • Code compliance and regulatory issues
  • Analysis and interpretation with the Arizona Department of Health Services
  • Property acquisition, including purchase and sale agreements
  • Corporate formation
  • Management agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Litigation


DISCLAIMER: Cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug.  Possession and sales of Schedule I drugs are illegal from the perspective of the federal government. Possession and trade of Schedule I drugs may create risk of federal prosecution.