Water law is a fascinating field, especially in the West. Developed over more than one hundred years of overlapping court decisions, statutes, policies, treaties and contracts, water is a heavily regulated resource supporting life, enjoyment and economic opportunity.

From farms and ranches, to master planned residential communities, to high-tech industries and weekend recreation, the water we see around us is precious.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in the arid Southwest, and Arizona is a leader in water policy, water management and water conservation.

If you have a water-related issue in your life, follow the path of those who came before you—get a good water lawyer. Water law is a demanding field that requires constant attention to keep well-informed. Expertise and experience in such a specialized field is developed over decades. Navigating the complexities of water law is an immense endeavor.

If you need a water lawyer, look no further than Gammage & Burnham. Our depth and agility can assist you in making the right choices, and getting your project through to the finish.