NEC of Alma School Road and Queen Creek Road

City of Chandler Application No. PLH22-0031

Project Summary

Our firm represents we represent Stratton Road Realty LLC (“Stratton”) regarding their approximately 5.6-acre commercial office center located generally at 2715 South Alma School Road, which is north of the northeast corner of Alma School and Queen Creek Roads (the “Site”). Stratton purchased the Site in 2021 to expand the need of medical office within this area of Chandler.

The Plan of Development Plan (“PDP”) associated with the Site was approved in 2005 (Case: PDP05-0029) which allowed for some medical office square footage within this commercial office center, but Stratton wants to allow for 100% medical office due to demand. To accomplish this endeavor, we need to delete/modify the 2005 PDP approval and the parking requirement. It is worth nothing, the overall site design/buildings will not change only the allowance for medical office.

A Parking Demand Study completed by a certified traffic engineer states that if the Site is parked as 100% medical office, then the Site/existing buildings/parking can easily accommodate the medical offices proposed with an excess of parking spaces. With that being said, we believe this is a reasonable and necessary request due to the current market for medical office in the area, the current industry standards for parking medical office users, the typical logistics of a medical office today, and to maintain long-term, sustainable economic viability at this commercial office center.

Project Location

Virtual Neighborhood Meeting

A Zoom virtual neighborhood meeting has been scheduled for the application on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 6:00 PM. Please click here to register for the virtual neighborhood meeting.

Project Contact

Dennis Newcombe
Senior Land Use Planner
Gammage & Burnham, PLC
(602) 256-4446

The City of Chandler project contact is Harley Mehlhorn, City Planner with the City of Chandler Development Services, Planning Division. Mr. Mehlhorn can be reached at (480) 782-3054 or .